Tourism Indonesia should have a mature concept of foreign tourists to bring one of them is the concept of “wisata hijau” or green tourism.

The view was expressed Travel Bureau Director of Sumatra and Beyond, Ridwan Tulus, in Padang, Saturday (21 / 2), on the sidelines of a series of visits to a number of national artists of West Sumatra (West Sumatra).

According to him, the concept of green tourism there are four things to think about. First, the people who came to be what kind of conditions should be done and what is not allowed. Thus, the public will be pleased to receive visitors, as well as for those who come will feel comfortable.

Second, as the program that initiated the planting of coral reefs. This is intended to enrich and beautify the nature, meaning that tourism activities are not damaging the environment or nature.


Furthermore, third, how a concept of tourism that provides direct benefits to communities located on the region’s attractions. So far the concept of tourism development instead shifts the communities around tourist areas and not relocated them. So, through green tourism encouraged people directly involved in tourism development, in the sense of watching local wisdom, said Ridwan.

Fourth, related to the tourism environment conservation so through the concept of West Sumatra Padang and forwards can become a tourist destination in the world. So far, he said, people’s views in the development of tourism needs investment, not really.

“We’re very confident with green tourism program, because it was done with schools in England. Our program in the UK compete to win a number of countries including Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Korea, because the program was initiated to touch the school children,” he said.

Source: Kompas, Feb 21, 2009