About Sumatra And Beyond

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Sumatra And Beyond is one of the leading eco tourism operator based in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
Our expertise is in tour design offered (designs of holiday packages) that give a unique experiential adventure in unusual tourist trails at diverse regions as different atmospheres of a journey especially in West Sumatra and in general in Indonesia.

We are now a team of 3 adventure travel experts in the office and a guiding team of over 10 qualified and experienced and licensed guides. Our team knowledge and ability to create enriching adventure holidays based on your interests in Indonesia would be to your advantage. Everybody is free to contact us anytime for any special tailor-made programs for our lovely clients. We are able to arrange any holiday desires wherever you are in Indonesia. We provide complete, unique, adventurer itineraries, expedition planing, and logistics. We build a unique insight, environmentally, experiential base, and multi activity packages in “out of boundary” programs as we commit to “sustainable tourism”.

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CEO - Sumatra and Beyond

Ridwan Tulus


Sumatra And Beyond is a member of ASITA, Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies, a legal association for tourism companies in Indonesia. Sumatra And Beyond is a member and leads in the development of Green Tourism Institute, an educational institution that educates and advises of West Sumatra and Indonesian citizen on sustainable tourism.

Support for Sustainable Tourism

Correct Decission for Holiday Provider....In choosing Sumatra And Beyond, you have assured that you are travelling with a company which dedicates its commitment to sustainable tourism. We design holiday programs based on 4 main Green Tourism Institute concepts: Protect the Culture (tourism should not undermine local culture but it should enrich and conserve), Protect the Nature (tourism should not ruin nature, it should enrich and maintain), Empower and Bring Benefit to Local People (this will strengthen above points) and Support Conservation (we should support to conserve the 3 above points).
We dedicate some of our profits to support and cooperate with Green Tourism Institute activities in educating and advocating West Sumatra tourism stakeholders for sustainable tourism. From city to remote area, we conduct seminars, tranings, workshops, etc in order to develop the basis of sustainability. From college to non formal educated communities, we campaign and developof those four concepts as fundamentals to build a good tourism destination that create multiplier effects economically and environmentally. Our main dream in running projects is that young people are able to take important roles in developing and maintaining West Sumatra and Indonesia to become a wonderful destination of sustainable tourism. Thus, economically and environmentally people are able to experience and connect with this amazing living style. We need the best support from all over the world to spread and reach this dream.

Our Projects

So far, we focuse on introducing and placing the basic knowledge of sustainable tourism to West Sumatra society. But in certain conditions we also support some environmental conservation projects with government institutions such as develop a sustainable tourism concept in the utilization zone of a conservation area.

Our People

Sumatra And Beyond consists of a united team of dedicated office personnel and the best guides in Indonesia. We are passionate about our country and committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience of the Indonesian cultural and natural diversities. Customers will gain more than expected not only by our best services but also the best knowledge of our team about Indonesia.

Detailed trip dossiers can be downloaded from this website and can be found on each of the trip pages. However, if you have any question regarding any tour/holiday program designs, or if you would like to discuss a tailor-made tour/holiday programs, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, whatsapp or email – we are always happy to serve, offer advice or suggestion as to which trips might be best suited to you, and to make recommendations.

Best knowledge of our staff about Indonesia will be your valuable point in visiting Indonesia. Welcome and Enjoy your days in Indonesia.