Program Details & Highlights

Program Highlights

- Paint to discover, acknowledge and maintain the culture and nature.

- A combination of a lot of life experiences, beautiful natural landscape, different cultures, mutual respect, peace and friendship making the journey a memorable holiday.

- A painting trip for beginner-professional painters that facilitates sharing.

- Through holidays people are encouraged to maintain culture from works of art (painting)

- Support people in the destination to be economically developed.

- You are free to express any painting style.

Program Details

A fun challenging “sketching” and fast “en plain air” work trip tracing the history of objects from the perspective of the international painter. Look at the object and depict it again with the latest atmosphere. Experience a journey on the volcanic chain and the unique culture in the land of the largest matrilineal society. Discover adventure when you know culture influencing art. Find a different nuance when staying in several accommodationtypes (a combination of star hotel, local accommodation, and fun camp). Contribute your work to develop a destination with art. Let’s do special activities in art for world peace and mutual respect.


Day by Day SBY 09 - 14 Days Painting for West Sumatra

Day 1: Selamat Datang-Arrival in Minangkabau International Airport (D)

Welcome to Padang. Drive to Bukittinggi, the highland of West Sumatra, it normally takes 2,5 hours. On the road we will make some stops that are for lunch and discover cultural influence in Minangkabau architecture and gastronomy and some past icon of West Sumatra. Check in at 4 star hotel and have a chance to rest and relax and wait as the rest of the group arrives. After hotel dinner, we will introduce you to Minangkabau local artist, Iswandi who will accompany you for a painting discussion.

Day 2: Starting With First Foreigner Painting of Bukittinggi, Local Culture & Beautiful Nature (BLD)

Bukittinggi, a beautiful and historically influenced town on painting development in West Sumatra. It boomed with “Mooi Indies” painter era in order to introduce Bukittinggi as a Dutch Colonial area to Europeans. We’ll start our journey with an 1817 painting object of Charles Theodore Deelemen, a Dutch Lithographer about the landscape iconic part “Sianok Canyon”, a spectacular panorama of volcanic creation. Get your picture or sketch here. At the base of the canyon, an influenced and well known painter named Wakidi had his special spot surrounded by the canyon. Prepare your plan for this one. We’ll have longer time to feel the atmosphere here. Lunch and coffee break with special menu are waiting to be enjoyed. In the late afternoon before hotel, we’ll trace another Wakidi’s spot near by a local bursting market. Hotel dinner and free program or enjoy Bukittinggi’s fresh weather by walking to some architectural heritage of the Dutch (one of them is “Jam Gadang”, a clock tower monument).

Day 3: Unique Culture and Art of Minangkabau in Minangkabau Mainland (BLD)

A stunning view of Lake Maninjau, an ancient caldera of Mt. Sitinjau have been painted by Dutch Lithographer named F.C. Wilsen. While, in 1920 a Dutch East Indies Painter, Leonardus Joseph Elland painted a “Mosque” and surrounding environment. Around this area, you’ll be taken back to a part of Minangkabau history. Discover some unique culture of Minangkabau related to sugarcane farming and collaborative work between humans and animals. Late afternoon, explore Koto Gadang, a village where a historical handmade silversmith and embroidery production with old technique and style of work still exist. Hotel Dinner.

Day 4: A Side of Country Life (BLD)

Express the idea to make a comparison of “people” as was the working theme as Joannes Henricus Willem le Clerq did about Minangkabau’s Man and Wakidi’s on Minangkabau’s Woman. In Canduang and IV Angkek district explore authentic village social life and discover cultural art tradition understanding based on Islam in symbol and decoration for weaving and carving. Late afternoon, experience organic “Coffee Luwak” production process, coffee fun spa, and enjoy a cup of local warm coffee, in a village where Sir Stamford Raffless held Sumatra Botany Research. Hotel Dinner

Day 5: Megalith Trace at Beautiful Landscape (BLD)

Check out. Adventure in Wakidi’s object in 50 Kota district, a flashback of his journey on hatching some masterpieces. Drive approximately 1.5 hours to Harau Valley, surrounded by brexit and conglomerate stone prove it was formerly ocean due to tectonic activity. Spent some moments in this valley; including our lunch. Drive about 1 hour to Mahat the ancient land of a thousand Menhirs, part of the megalith history. Check in at “Camping Ground”. Enjoy the nature and local atmosphere of remote West Sumatra countryside. Our chef will provide his special dinner menu. Camp fire and recognize traditional musical performance. (P.S Don’t worry about toilet and related equipment).

Day 6: En Plen Air (BLD)

Full day painting with village community. You are free to express your ideas into canvas as any sketches made before or the latest atmosphere of this place. Anytime, you could take a break to allow inspiration to come by having social interaction with locals or surrounding nature. Our chef will provide his special lunch and dinner menu. Camp fire and recognize traditional musical performance. (P.S Don’t worry about toilet and related equipment).

Day 7: Cultural Experience at Ancient Land of Minangkabau (BLD)

Continue your work about half day. After early lunch provided by our chef, farewell with local host. Continue to Tanah Datar, visit a royal icon, “Pagaruyuang Palace” and + 400 years an ancient cultural typical house of Minangkabau. Short stop in Sumaniak, a location of typical “village house representative” depicted in Wakidi’s mooi indies painting style. Then we’ll check in at “Rumah Gadang”, a Minangkabau unique architectural typical custom house in a countryside in the heart of West Sumatra. Welcome and enjoy the atmosphere in cultural village of the largest matrilineal community. Here, we’ll experience how people prepare meals for formal reception or ceremony. It’s fun as you will get Minangkabau dress code, if you are a group of travelers you will have your own role in this reception setting. “Bajamba” dinner, a dinner setup in the ancient land of Minangkabau.

Day 8: Cultural Side of Ancient Land of Minangkabau (BLD)

Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel, German zoologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor, marine biologist, and artist painted the beauty of Lake Singkarak. Discover another cultural influence from architecture of typical custom house; discover authentic life of green economic living system. Dinner at “Rumah Gadang”.

Day 9 : World Most Beautifull Village (BLD)

An Indonesian artist Wahdi Sumanta expressed his style on Pariangan. A Chance to experience how to make some musical and martial weapon products. Discover how nature conditions art. Drive 1.5 hours around the place of Haeckel’s depiction of Mt. Tandikek. Check in at standard hotel and dinner.

Day 10: En Plein Air (BLD)

Full day “en plain air” painting. Second chance to express the idea to canvas or finish your work before. While you are not in the mood, tropical natural ponds or white water creeks could refresh your mind. Hotel Lunch & Dinner.

Day 11: Padang - Capital of West Sumatra (BLD)

Check out. Drive about 1.5 hours to Padang, West Sumatra Capital City. City tour; combination of cultural historical and modern life atmosphere trip. Indian Ocean Sunset Break. Lunch will be at local restaurant and dinner at hotel.

Day 12: Artist Social Responsibility (BLD)

Let’s do something and share cheerfulness to others. Leave your painting jamming on the local wall as decorative mural. Lunch box provided in painting jamming location. Visit for the preparation of your trip’s work exhibition with local artist paintings. (During the trip, you should at least finish one painting. It will be donated to West Sumatra Government Office. It would be expected to encourage local people to develop an appreciation for art work as well as giving the appreciation space for local artists. So far, many of West Sumatra local artists have difficulty to develop art appreciation in the local society). Lunch at local restaurant & Dinner will be at street food court.

Day 13: Exhibitions and Farewell (BLD)

Exhibitions day with local artists (Ceremonial Opening & Program). Free time to interact with local artists and visitors. Farewell Dinner with traditional cultural performance, somebody will dance on broken glass as the peak of your memorable night.

Day 14: Sampai Jumpa - Airport Transfer

Free program at your own leisure until airport transfer or continue with the next program. (The important thing is that we do look forward to hear and see your finished work)

 - 2.5% will be donated to support Green Tourism Institute to educate and advocate West Sumatra local community about “sustainable tourism”.
- Small Group Trip (Maximum 16 Pax)
- In camp site and “Rumah Gadang”, a Local Communal Residence: you’ll face and deal with standard condition.
- In camp site and “Rumah Gadang”, you’ll get clean communal facilities (each rumah Gadang usually has 3-4   toilet/bathroom)
- In local residence our team will manage and advise about rubbish handling.
- In Rumah Gadang you’ll get twin/triple/communal/dorm share of room with single bedding (no single supplement available)
- In camp site: single tent
- The trip’s purpose is to trace painting history about West Sumatra and try to repaint again in recent condition, experience culture and how the locals live through this journey, expecting that local people will get share their culture in order to maintain the good things from their side as many outsiders are interested to see and recognizing it deeper. Besides, tourists are encouraged to support and develop a part of this world as destination for peace and mutual respect. As well as to share the culture about the good life.
- Sumatra and Beyond Tours will provide 4 canvases (40 x 60 cm) and other standard painting equipment (suggestion - bring your own equipment).
- This is an open trip, you will be joined by other travelers from around the world.
- Special private trip or out of the schedule, please contact us.
- The routes are in remote areas, away from tourist trails and most activities directly deal with local people. Our guides will brief about appropriate behavior, both culturally and environmentally.
- For non-restaurant, don’t worry about the meals, we provide in our team a “chef” and supported with locals. Also, about West Sumatra menu, even this Province is well known for its spicy food but there are many alternatives that meet the foreigner’s taste.
- Bring your own repellent/mosquito spray, and private medicine.
- For any force majeure situation, operator will change the route/ activities to a similar one.
- Trip starts and ends at Padang (West Sumatra-Indonesia)
- Above Price is a starting price based on 2 pax and twin share room (the more pax join and directly confirmed, there will be a significant price adjustment).

4 Nights B&B at Bukittinggi (4 star hotel)
2 Nights at Campsite (Single Tent - Clean Communal Facilities)
2 Nights at “Rumah Gadang”, a local  communal house (standard - no single supplement)
2 Nights B&B at Pariaman (Comfortable Standard Hotel)
3 Nights B&B at Padang (4 star hotel).
*Single Supplement only for Hotel (+ €197 / $ 222)
Meals as stated in program detail (13X dinner, 12X lunch, 13X breakfast)
* Please inform us for any dietary or vegetarian requirements

- Tour Design.
- 13 Night Accommodation as in “Accommodation & Meals” Information.
- Meals as in “Accommodation & Meals” Information.
- Comfortable Tourist Transportation (adjusted as number of travelers).
- Experience Local Transportation on certain occasions.
- Licensed English-Speaking Guide and Local Painters/Artists.
- Tour Crews (Logistic, Local Chef, Videographer & Photographer)
- Donation to Green Tourism Institute and certification as Green Friend of Indonesia.
- All Entrance Fees, donations to local community and activities fee.
- Camping Equipment (Tent, Head Lamp, Sleeping Bag, Mattresses, and First Aid)
- Mentioned Painting Equipment: Canvas (60 x 40 cm 4 pcs/pax), Painter’s Easel, Canvas Tube, Palette and standard paints (water/oil).
- Private Cultural Performances at Farewell Dinner
- CD Documentation

-  International Flight Ticket
-  All Personal Expense or Anything out of Inclusions
-  Tipping (Please contact us for suggestion)
-  Insurance