Program Details & Highlights

Program Highlights

Most of trip will be taken away far from the tourist trail, from Coastal Lands to the Highlands of Minangkabau. From city, town and countryside where indigenous Minangkabaus live the modern life but still maintain their unique tradition, custom and local wisdom.

This is experiential adventure to discover the cultural uniqueness of the largest matrilineal society called Minangkabau in West Sumatra, Indonesia.

It combines local resident, standard to comfortable hotel as the accommodation that adjust to real condition surrounding visited places. The journey use standard tourist transportation and local transport in certain occasions. It also combines walking and driving tours.

Program Details

17 Days; Coastal Land to Highland
Minangkabau Unique Culture Discovery

In the mainland of West Sumatra, the major ethnic group is the Minangkabau. This group (also known as Minang or Padang) is indigenous to the highlands of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The Minangs are the world's largest matrilineal society, with a complex social structure based on matrilineal clans, and property, such as land and houses, inherited through female lineage. Beside complexity of their social structure, there are many unique cultural values and local wisdom interesting to explore experientially.

Let’s discover beautiful nature and unique art & culture
Let’s experience adventure for food and activities
from two indigenous tribes in West Sumatra

Day by Day SBY 03 - 17 Days Coastal Land to Highland Minangkabau Unique Culture Discovery

Day 1: Salamaik Datang - Arrival in Minangkabau International Airport (D)

Welcome to Padang, West Sumatra, meet and greet. Directly transfer for check in at standard hotel in Pariaman. Have a chance to rest, relax and wait as the rest of the group arrives. After hotel dinner our guide will brief you the program orientation.

Day 2: Minangkabau Coastal Culture

Breakfast, lazy morning, and enjoy staying in the coastal region. Explore and experience activities in a Fisherman village such as “beach net fishing”, drying fish, etc and social interaction. Lunch with Minangkabau Seafood Menu. Explore culture and art of coastal Pariaman. Coconut break in front of the Indian Ocean. Dinner will be at a local restaurant.

Day 3: Green Action for Pariaman (BLD)

Let’s do nature conservation with our affiliate “Green Tourism Institute” to support Pieh Marine Nature Tourism Park which is part of West Sumatra Marine Protected Area. Join the following conservation officer activities such as sea turtles conservation, dolphin watching, coral replant, or if you are lucky, seeing sea turtle hatchling and release them to ocean. Or you just go swimming/ snorkeling/ beach walking, etc. Lunch will be provided on the Island by our team. (The activities will be in Sumatra’s mainland and a private island; traditional boat provided for dolphin watching and island transfer). Dinner will be at the hotel.

Day 4: Culture Transition From Coastal to Highland (BLD)

Check out. Move deeper to the homeland of Minangkabau. Make some stops to explore cultural transition from coastal to highland region: local art & craft from eco material influenced by local wisdom; uniqueness behind “brick production” as a cultural home industry supported by a collaboration of human and animal; Enroute trying some Minangkabau street foods (snack), it’s yummy and fun when you taste it and learn how to make it, one of them is Bika, a combination of rice flour, sugar, coconut milk, etc Check in, we’ll stay for some nights in Bukittinggi, a town that has an important role during the Dutch colonial era. Lunch enroute and hotel dinner. Night walking in or hang out in a cafe in this city is recommended.

Day 5: Highland Culture of Minangkabau (BLD)

In the morning, stunning views of Lake Maninjau, accompany villagers doing sugar cane, rice and vegetables farming according to their local wisdom. Here we can see another aspect of life where there is harmony between human and nature. Lunch enroute and in early afternoon, in Sianok Canyon, discover how the powerful Minangkabau women maintain their 100 year-old craft to support their family economically. Later, we will see silversmith products where you will see how culture influences art. Hotel Dinner.

Day 6: Highland Culture of Minangkabau (BLD)

Almost similar to the day before, a countryside in the slope of volcano Mt. Merapi, where villagers still maintain their tradition in this modern era. Here especially to visit and get information from 2 local experts sharing their knowledge of Minangkabau weaving and carving. Learn about the art philosophy behind those two works. One of them has been awarded by UNESCO the Best Excellence Handicraft. The combination of traditional and modern architecture is interesting to see when visiting this village. Lunch in a local restaurant. Early afternoon, experience organic “Coffee Luwak” production process, coffee fun spa, and enjoy a cup of local warm coffee, in a village where Sir Stamford Raffles built Sumatra Botany Research. Hotel Dinner.

Day 7: Highland Culture of Minangkabau (BLD)

Check out, travel to Payakumbuh, a neighboring town in northern Bukittinggi. Experience and explore eco-products related to local wisdom. In general Minangkabau in the past two decades do not use plastic so much for family stuffs, now this cultural production has been replaced by the use of plastic. Lunch in local restaurant. At noon, experience bamboo rafting. This simple transportation is commonly used by remote villagers. Check in into a simple lodge/homestay. Dinner at lodge/homestay.

Day 8: Highland Culture of Minangkabau (BLD)

In the morning, we will drive to megalith site in Mahek. This is the valley of thousands megalithic menhirs. The thousand menhirs are directed to the southeast towards Mount Sago, where the megalithic tradition on the hill as a whole are intended as a means of connecting the living with the dead, because the mountain is considered sacred. This megaliths were built about 3000-4000 BC and its motif similar to Minangkabau cultural house’s carving. Somewhere nearby by, there is also a collection musical instruments made of stone. We’ll see locals play it with typical Minangkabau intonation. Back to homestay. Dinner at local restaurant.

Day 9: Cooling Down in Harau Valley (BLD)

Morning hiking to a hidden waterfall in a beautiful valley surrounded by amazing rocks and cliffs. There is a big possibility to see surrounding forest life. Anyway showering beneath the hidden waterfall is a must. Picnic Lunch. Late at noon back to lodge or homestay for late check out. Drive to Tanah Datar, the ancient land, homeland of Minangkabau people. On the way make some stops; in orange farm, then coffee break and taking pictures of the beautiful landscape. Late check in at local residence. We’ll stay at Rumah Gadang, a typical and comunal big house of this unique tribe. Tonight, we’ll experience how people prepare a meal for formal reception or ceremony culturally. It’s fun as you will use the Minangkabau dress code, if you are a group of travelers you will have your own role in this reception setting. “Bajamba” dinner, communal dinner as it was practiced in the ancient Land of Minangkabau.

Day 10: Ancient Culture of Minangkabau (BLD)

After village breakfast, experience local villagers’ activities such as rice field works, net fishing of a rare fish species found only in the Singkarak Lake, harvest “Sawo” (Manilkarazapota) fruit in a plantation. These villagers have a unique local wisdom in carrying out their economic life as well as protecting nature from those three activities. Hike to enjoy Lake Singkarak’s stunning view. Picnic Lunch and Dinner at “Rumah Gadang”. Today, you’ll discover and taste “Rendang”, the world most delicious food in this place where it originally came from.

Day 11: Ancient Architecture (BLD)

Checkout, travel to Sawahlunto, the oldest coal mining town in South East Asia. It was established in 1882 and we will see remains of coal mining’s glorious past. Explore textile village, see songket a precious heritage that has been handed down for generations. It is very attractive not only because of the intricate gold woven cloth, but some songket have symbolic and social connotation. Before, exploring we visit the great Pagaruyuang Palace, an icon of Minangkabau architecture as well as a + 350 years old typical local knock-down house of this matrilineal tribe. Check in at standard hotel. Free at your leisure. This small town is comfortable for walking. Lunch enroute and hotel dinner.

Day 12: Coal Mine History and Sawahlunto Landscape (BLD)

Fullday tour of Sawahlunto, a combination of walking and public transportation. Flashback of coal mining glory, explore culture, crafts and art, and landscape as well. Lunch at local restaurant and dinner at hotel.

Day 13: To South Coast of West Sumatra (BLD)

Checkout, move down to southeast coast of West Sumatra. Passing Solok, and along the way we still see many “Rumah Gadang” maintained by local people. On the road we pass lush green and blue stunning view of conservation forest and Indian Ocean. Lunch enroute. Early noon transfer by boat to hidden paradise in Mandeh Bay. Check in at standard lodge/homestay. Enjoy the beach facing the Indian Ocean. Dinner at lodge/homestay.

Day 14-15: Escape to the Blue Coast (BLD)

After a long journey, escape a while from the bustling world. Hide in a deserted beach in front of Mandeh Bay full of soft sands. A hidden nook of paradise, and you’ll have hiking, island hopping, mangrove town, swimming, snorkeling, or just lying at the edge of the blue lagoon. Lunch and dinner on location provided by our team.

Day 16: Culture in the Biggest City of West Sumatra (BLD)

Drive to Padang for 1.5 hours. City Tour (historical place, museum, city development, and witness a the culture in a bursting market. Lunch enroute. Ride a horse cart and enjoy a coconut break for sunset. Farewell dinner with spectacular cultural show where a lady dances on broken glass as the peak performance.

Day 17: Sampai Jumpa-Airport Transfer (B)

Free program at your own leisure until airport transfer.

- 2.5% will be donated to support Green Tourism Institute to educate and advocate West Sumatra local community about “sustainable tourism”.
- Small Group Trip (Maximum 16 Pax)
- In Rumah Gadang, a “Local Comunal Residence”: you’ll experience and deal with standard conditions.
- In Rumah Gadang, you’ll get clean communal facilities (each Rumah Gadang usually has 3-4 toilets/bathrooms)
- In local residence our team will manage and advise about rubbish handling.
- In Rumah Gadang you’ll get twin/triple/communal/dormy share of room with single bedding (no single supplement available)
- The trip’s purpose is to experience culture and how locals live life, expect that local people will share their culture in order to maintain the good things from their side as many outsiders are interested to see and learn it in depth. Besides, tourists are encouraged to support and develop this part of the world as a destination for peace and mutual respect.
- This is an open trip, you will be with other travelers from around the world.
- Special private trip or out of the schedule, please contact us.
- The routes are in remote areaa, away from tourist trails and most activities directly deal with local people. Our guides will brief about appropriate behavior, both culturally and environmentally.
- For non-restaurants, don’t worry about meals, we provide  a “chef” and supported by locals. Also about West Sumatra menu, this Province is well known for its spicy food but there are many alternative menus that meet the foreigners’ taste.
- Bring your own repellent/mosquito spray, and private medicine.
- For any force majeure situation, operator will change the route/ activities to a similar one.
- Trip starts and end at Padang (West Sumatra-Indonesia)
- Above price a starting price based on 2 pax and twin share room (the more pax you directly confirm, there will be a significant price adjustment.

3 Nights at Pariaman (standard comfortable hotel)
3 Nights at Bukittinggi (4 star hotel)
2 Nights at 50 Kota (standard lodge/homestay - no single supplement)
2 Nights at “Rumah Gadang”, a local communal house (standard - no single supplement)
2 Nights at Sawahlunto (standard hotel).
3 Nights at Pesisir Selatan (standard lodge/homestay - no single supplement)
1 Night at Padang (4 star hotel)
*Single Supplement only for Hotel (+ € 152/ $ 171)
Meals as stated in program detail (16X dinner, 15X lunch, 16X breakfast) 
* Please inform us for any dietary or vegetarian requirements.

-  Tour Design.
-  16 Night Accommodation as in “Accommodation & Meals” Information.
-  Meals as in “Accommodation & Meals” Information.
-  Comfortable Tourist Transportation
-  Experience Local Transport on certain occasions
-  Traditional Boat transfer for Dolphin Watching and Escaping Day
-  Licensed English Speaking Guide, local expert /guide in certain destination, snorkeling guide.
-  Tour Crews (Logistic, Local Chef, Videographer & Photographer)
-  Donation to Green Tourism Institute and certification as Green Friend of Indonesia.
-  Snorkeling equipment.
-  All Entrance Fees, donations to local community and activities fee.
-  Private Cultural Show at Farewell Dinner
-  CD Documentation

-  International Flight Ticket
-  All Personal Expense or Anything out of Inclusions
-  Tipping (Please contact us for suggestion)
-  Insurance